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  • Any product made in Virginia may be nominated under its appropriate SIC manufacturing industry category. There is no limit on the number of products that a person may nominate (see 14 industry categories outlined below).
  • The product must be made in Virginia. The manufacturer’s headquarters do not need to be in Virginia.
  • The product must be made using a manufacturing process. For example, a restaurant that makes “made to order” pizzas would not qualify but a food manufacturer that mass-produces frozen pizzas would qualify.
  • A company may have multiple products nominated in the competition but only one product per company will be allowed into the Top 3 Round in each category.  The company will pick the product that advances.
  • The Best in Show winning product may not compete again for 3 years.
  • Electronic voting is open to the public. Invalid email addresses will be expunged from vote totals.
  • Paid advertising to promote a product is not allowed. If a nominee is found to have used paid advertising to promote their product in the contest, they will be disqualified.
  • Nominated companies are encouraged to utilize social media, press, and other channels to promote their product in the contest.
  • Nominated companies are encouraged to engage their employees to promote their product and vote daily to elevate their product.
  • There is no cost to participate in the contest. VMA membership is not required.
  • Applicants will be encouraged to list basic elements of their manufacturing process and business (e.g., ISO certification, EMS System, SHARP Certification, etc.).
  • VMA Retired Manufacturers Council will assist in the development and operation of the competition to ensure no perceived conflicts of interest with actively employed members.
  • No alcohol products may compete. Competition voting must be open to all 18+ year olds.
  • All products must be legal for sale at the state and federal level.
  • Manufacturers must have a representative present at the Gala on October 27 to receive their physical award. Only products that are legal in all 50 states can compete.
  • If your product can not be sold to someone 18 or older, you are not eligible to apply. We reserve the right to collapse categories without 3+ competitors.

Industry Categories

  • Food, beverage, and tobacco
  • Textiles, apparel, and leather
  • Lumber, wood, and paper products (non-furniture)
  • Furniture and fixtures
  • Printing and publishing
  • Chemicals and allied products and pharmaceuticals
  • Petroleum refining and related industries
  • Rubber and miscellaneous plastics products
  • Stone, clay, glass, and concrete
  • Primary metal industries
  • Fabricated metal products (except machinery and transportation equipment)
  • Industrial and commercial machinery, computer equipment, electronic and electrical equipment and components, and measuring, analyzing, and controlling instruments; photographic, medical, and optical goods; watches, clocks.
  • Transportation equipment
  • Miscellaneous manufacturing (industries in this group fall into the following categories: jewelry, silverware, and plated ware; musical instruments; dolls, toys, games, and sporting and athletic goods; pens, pencils, and artists’ materials; buttons, costume novelties, miscellaneous notions; brooms and brushes; caskets; and other miscellaneous manufacturing industries)